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5 years of marketing and communication experience in renewable energy

Our team has accumulated 5 years of experience in renewable energy communications and marketing on both international bases. The founders of Global Renewable Energy and Engineering Network have worked in renewable energy media, trade bodies, trade events, and businesses for over 15 years before launching their specialist agency. This gives us a 360 degrees view of marketing renewable energy, which enables us to offer our clients services of sterling quality.

We are based in Uganda and other countries in East Africa and we operate both in mainly Africa and internationally. We probably have the most impressive list renewable energy Partners and manufactures of Renewable Energy in the world; we represent companies across Europe and America.

Our key areas of expertise are in Public Relation and Marketing, with strong capabilities in digital strategies such as content marketing, SEO and online advertising. We bring our clients up to speed with the developments of marketing technology.

Global Renewable Energy has built its experience on both in Africa and global scale but we have also developed specific knowledge of a number of national renewable energy markets in Africa but we are going globally

Global Renewable Energy and Engineering Network are able to the answer to your need for a marketing and communication agency that knows the renewable energy sector inside out. Our 5 years of experience in the sector makes us a truly specialized media agency that can help you improve your Public Relation your advertising and much more.

Our team has acquired considerable expertise working in senior positions with leading renewable energy companies, media, trade associations and event organizers, both in the European Energy Sectors and on the international stage. This combined experience makes us a powerful and unique resource on which you can lean for your communications needs and make marketing your products easy.

We are based in Africa which currently has better market for green energy and we operate internationally. We represent companies across Europe and America.

We have a real passion for renewable energy, marketing and communications;
you will be in safe hands with