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Our Sensitisation Programs

As Global Renewable Energy and Engineering Network, we work to see that the Environment is kept safe.

We carry our senstisation seminars and ....

Marketing for Producing Companies

We are the leading marketers of all Green Energy products. These include among Others
1. Solar Products    2.LED lights    3.Wind turbines    4.Pre-Insulated Pipes
5.Pure Water Machines    6.Heat Pump Equipments    7.Photovoltaic Solar panels   Among Others

Marketing Prices for Companies

Global Renewable Energy and Engineering Network marketing fee for large scale manufacturer of solar turbines /Gas Boilers/steam boilers / low cost house concrete products and others are rated as follows:-

Company SizeManufacturing Capacity per yearAmount per yearWebsite marketing
1. Big manufactures Solar Products {500MW-1000MW}$200,000√ Available
2. Medium size manufacturers Solar Products$150,000√ Available
3. Small scale manufacturers Solar Products {50MW-100MW}$100,000√ Available
4. Manufacturers Solar Products {50MW-100MW}$50,000√ Available
5. Manufacturers Solar Products {50MW-100MW}$25,000√ Available
6. For Marketing Professional Engineers in any Industry $10,000Yes
7. Any Company or Individual who want to partner with GREEN $5,000Yes


1. The above payment will be for advertising workshops with currents branding , marketing plan among others.

Office administration

NOTE: Those who will be coming for business trip/ marketing presentational meeting, they will meet the cost of temparly work permit, when they are here in the company will help in processing.

Sales Agreement

Here is a copy of the sales agreement of which every company or individual who wish to join our marketing platform need to agree with.

It must be downloaded in Either MS-WORD format or Adobe PDF format, sign and then sent to the address below

1. Sales Agreement in MS-WORD

2. Sales Agreement in PDF Format

NOTE: If you donot have the software to read our sales agreement form, you can get the software from the links below:

1. You can down a copy of MS-WORD software here

2. You can down a copy of Adobe PDF software here

We welcome you to our marketing platform